We also offer custom tours for groups of four or more people: your family or friends, your itinerary, your perfect holiday!

Discover the world's best vineyards

Bordeaux and Bergerac chateaux, two essential stops on your tour of the Périgord for all who appreciate wine

Uncover the tradition and tastes of Périgord

From farm to table, get to know the flavors and traditions of Périgord "terroir"

Explore the region's hidden castles

The Périgord is known as the land of 1001 Medieval and Renaissance castles, don't you wish you could see them all?

Discover the hidden delights of the Dordogne-Périgord in English or Portuguese! We welcome you to join us for our tours.



Visit the castles of Périgord


The Vézère valley hosts 147 prehistoric caves dating from the Palaeolithic


Taste the flavors of Périgord, and learn about the tradition behind the regional culinary delights
We offer small group tours (6 to 10 people) AND custom-made tours (4 or more people) where you can be assured of a more intimate and relaxing travel experience.

Our tours are design to give you a truly unique local experience and a complete immersion in a different culture and way of life.
Dordogne is considered one of the country’s best area for enjoying food and wine. Perigord Tours offers an authentic local experience when comes to Gastronomy, making an integral part of our tours visits to the local producers, farmer’s markets and family-run restaurants with pure tradition périgordine.